Give Me This Moment (Joshua Baumgarten)

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Title: Give me this moment
Author: Joshua Baumgarten
Illustrator: Frank Petiet (Sahara Blond)
ISBN: 9789492469120
Language: English with Dutch elements

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    Give Me This Moment by poet/performer Joshua Baumgarten is the outspoken yet understated follow up to his 2015 collection of poetry and prose, The Poetry of Modern Urban Hope.  Picking up where his first full length collection left off, Give Me This Moment brings to the page Baumgarten’s unique poetic energy, one that straddles the diverse world of the creative artist and that of being a father, a husband and poet. Baumgarten’s poetry finds its roots in the exploration of our common mundane and how we all strive to stay sane in our day to day.  These are poems conversing with the reader on how we as people can still remain engaged in our seemingly topsy turvy world without allowing our mind and emotions to feed into the flames of populist rage.  Baumgarten creates a poetic style that touches upon the serious side of life while still being able to serve it all up with a smile of sly understanding.  Give Me This Moment is the ideal book of poetry for people who still think that they don’t get poetry or that poetry doesn’t get them.

    • Get the cd or lp ‘Everything at all times…’  from here.



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