Dreams of Another Land (Peter Kenny)

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Auteur: Peter Kenny
illustraties: Sue Bradley
Taal: Engels
ISBN: 9789492469083

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Peter Kenney is known worldwide as a passionate fan of J.R.R. Tolkien and the world of fantasy. Using this love and his wide-ranging imagination, Mr. Kenny has produced (in the guise of “selecting” poems and stories by his “uncle,” Fortinbras Proudfoot, Esq.) Dreams of Another Land, a collection that explores the history and happenings of a faraway land that still feels very familiar to us. Small folk, dragons, warriors, ladies, and wizards and their adventures are described in rhythmic language that is enjoyable to read, either aloud or silently.
Standout poems include “Mushrooms,” for its galloping pace and humour, and “The Last Ship Into the West,” for its simultaneous elegiac farewell to one departing world, and hopeful acceptance of a new age dawning.
Beautifully complementing the text are Sue Bradley’s watercolour illustrations. Their soft, yet bright, colours and delicacy of line are perfectly suited to “Mr. Proudfoot’s” stories.
By turns whimsical and wistful, Dreams of Another Land will satisfy readers of all ages.
Sherry Larson-Rhodes: Self-employed Freelance Editor and Reference & Instruction Librarian at Milne Library, SUNY Genesco.

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  1. John D. Cofield

    he poems and short tales in this book of less than 100 pages are more proof that good things often come in small packages. Peter Kenny is a longtime devotee of the works of JRR Tolkien. He tells us that this collection is “selected” from the writings of his uncle Fortinbras Proudfoot, a well travelled and well read hobbit of the Shire. This fantasy adds to the charm of what is already a lovely collection of pleasant, homely, verses and tales which do indeed sound as if they were told around a fireside in a comfortable hobbit hole in Hobbiton or Tuckborough. The beautiful color illustrations by Sue Bradley depicting peaceful farmland, rugged mountain vistas, or the open seas make for additional pleasure.

    Some of the poems and stories recall events in The Lord of the Rings or The Hobbit, while others like “Queen of the Cats” and “Blue Wizards” tell stories about characters which Tolkien barely mentioned. Still others like “Mushrooms” have their roots in the deep earth of the Shire itself. I found the poems in the last section, Into the West, especially evocative, recalling to mind the deep longings of the Elves in Middle-earth. Indeed, throughout Dreams Of Another Land readers will find themselves reminded of so much that they find attractive and unforgettable in Tolkien, and I can think of no greater recommendation than that.

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