Akallabêth and other Tolkien works (PFCD059) (Paul Corfield Godfrey)

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Paul Corfield Godfrey lives in Wales, studying composition and conducting with Alan Bush and David Wynne. His works as a composer include a cycle of epic scenes based on J R R Tolkien’s The Silmarillion, extracts from which have been performed in Oxford. Other works have been performed in London and elsewhere throughout England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, Hungary, America, Australia and New Zealand. He has appeared as a performer both on radio and television, and a number of his works have been broadcast.

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This is the first recording completely devoted to the music of Paul Corfield Godfrey, and concentrates on pieces associated with his setting of epic scenes from J R R Tolkien’s unfinished work The Silmarillion, the largest-scale musical work written in Wales in the twentieth century. The composer was born in London and after a period of residence in Ireland now lives in Wales, studying at various times with Alan Bush and David Wynne. His compositions include four symphonies: various orchestral, chamber and instrumental works: songs and choral works: and operas, including The Dialogues of Óisin and Saint Patric and Arcturus, both performed in Cardiff and elsewhere.

The recording comes from sessions held in Hereford in November 2016, in excellent sound and with a marvellous team of young performers including Adam Jondelius (baritone), Connor Fogel (piano), Andrew Henley (tenor) and Tara McSwiney (soprano). The disc includes seven songs to words by J R R Tolkien, two instrumental pieces inspired by episodes in The Silmarillion, and the first complete performance of the song cycle Mysteries of Time which includes a number of musical references to Tolkien.

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  1. Jeroen van Luiken-Bakker

    Lees mijn hele review op: http://jeroenvanluikenbakker.nl/akallabeth-eng/

    The title track was composed at the request of James Meaker but lay in wait for many years until Connor Fogel (the performer on this recording) took it up. Akallabêth is a rondo for solo piano and I own a version as performed by the composer himself. It is a very demanding work and incorporates many elements of the whole of Mr. Corfield Godfrey’s Tolkien music.

    According to the composer the performer (with his consent) made a few tempo alterations which are in favour of the work. The piece is dynamic and demanding but tirelessly performed by Fogel. The composer told me this work was commissioned but lay in wait before it was finally picked up by Fogel. Without offending the pianist who commissioned the work initially I’d like to say it waited in just for Fogel to take it up.

    In comparison to the version played by the composer on a synthesizer (of which I own a copy) this version is so much more alive, I don’t know if it is because of the tempo changes or the fact this is recorded on a real piano, either way it is a great piece of music that many pianists will find challenging, but I feel it is a piece well worthy of becoming a standard work for pianists who like to distinguish themselves from their peers.

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